It’s always nice to have help.    And today I have for you a collection of my favourite Gluten Free Resources!

There is so much information out there on the inter-web.

Who to listen to?  What to believe?


Well hopefully from getting to know me you trust my judgement.   🙂


I love to share my knowledge.

Because when we have the knowledge we are able to make conscious choices (and not get sabotaged by sneaking marketing).


Lots to learn.

And there are still some things I don’t know.

In those cases I apply the knowledge I do have and go with what feels right and makes the most sense to the situation.


Over the past few weeks I have covered quite a bit on gluten:

  1.  Are all Gluten-free’ers just Hypochondriacs?!   (spoiler alert, nope they’re not)
  2. What would you feel in your body if you were intolerant to Gluten?
  3. The Most Enjoyable Ways to Eat Gluten Free (gluten free foods)


They’ll help you learn what gluten actually is, why it’s not so awesome for our guts, how we can feel when we take gluten out (spoiler #2 – amazing!)  where to find gluten, and also which foods are naturally gluten free.

I even included a link to my free e-book, “13 Gut Rejuvenating Recipes Everybody Will Love“.


Today’s post is about how  you can implement changes with these gluten free resources.   Lots of recipes!




So on that note let’s kick off with,


Gluten Free Resources – Recipes, blogs & guides:


1.  Rebecca Coomes of The Healthy Gut

Rebecca is a legend!

She actually focusses on making recipes for the Bi-Phasic Diet used in SIBO Protocols.

They’re really, really good.

And being that the Bi-Phasic Diet is gluten free, these are all gluten free too.

You can find her at The Healthy Gut.


2.  Elena from Journey Through SIBO

Elena is really lovely and has dedicated her site to helping others through their gut healing journeys.

Having gone through SIBO (and Hashimotos) herself she knows the struggle.   And the struggle is real.

She also knows how to cook!

I love her Banana Nut Muffins.   Mmm mmm.   Healthy does not have to equal boring.

All her recipes here:


3.  Elena from Elena’s Pantry

Must be something in a name?

Elena is an entrepreneur turned gluten-free recipe writing super blogger.   She’s a New York Times best selling author too.   #careergoals

All her recipes are grain free, and paleo.

Get ready to get salivating here:


4.  Danielle Walker, Against All Grain

Danielle is the author and photographer of her own New York Times Best Selling cookbook, Against all Grain.

An autoimmune diagnosis at the age of 22 kicked her into huge dietary changes, taking out grains, lactose and legumes.

But there’s still tons you can eat.   And her blog helps other still find enjoyment though food while removing certain things from their diets.

Here she is:


5.  Dr Axe

His website is a wealth of information.     Lots of gluten free recipes to be found on there.

Dr Axe is a doctor of natural medicine, chiropractor, clinical nutritionist.

His site is a great gluten free resource:


6.  Pete & Kelli Bronski of “No Gluten, No Problem”

They’re really funny!   You get a hint of that with their tag line:  “Gluten?  Fuggedaboutit”.   Hahaha.

Nominated for the best gluten free blog back in 2013 they’ve been winning at this game for a while now.

You might have heard of Gluten Free Family Favourites?  They were co-authors for that book.

So many goodies to be found here:


7.  Kelly Courson, Celiac Chicks

Another gluten free veteran, the world has been a “gluten free oyster” for Kelly for the past 14 years.

Love her positivity.   We all need some of that.

She has like, a gazillion recipes to choose from:

8.  Bianca Spade from Wholefood Simply

I love pretty things.   And Bianca’s site is really pretty.

She would like us to leave her space with a “sweet taste in our mouths and a smile on our face”.   Awww, Bianca!

As a mum of three she has learnt on to maximise time and energy, so you’ll find that her recipes are simple to make and easy to store.   Without scrimping on tastiness.

Here she is:


9.  Natalie, Gluten Free Mommy

Another mom that has been gluten free since 2005, and “has been happier and healthier ever since”.

Natalie got into the gluten free way of living after suffering from Uticaria (chronic hives) for a decade before realising gluten was the culprit.

No more gluten.  No more hives.

She has recipes and some other cool gluten related stuff on her blog:


10.  Cookie + Kate

Cookie is actually Kate’s dog’s name.  Kate cooks, and Cookie eats all the crumbs!  Aww.

Kate is a vegetarian, and so all the recipes that you find on her site will be meat free too.

Lots of delicious whole food recipes:



And that’s them.


My Top Ten Gluten Free Resources.


Whenever you need some inspiration just come back her and have a flick through.


One simple tip to implement cooking changes in your life:

Add in one new recipe per week.

Within a month you will have four new recipes under your belt.

They can become your fall backs.

Then after the next month you’ll have another four, or more if you add in a couple extras here and there.

And bit by bit your recipe repertoire has transformed.

Simply and easily.


So much enjoyment to be had with food.


Hope you enjoy too.


Lots of love,


x x x