Terms & Conditions

The T’s & C’s

New Clients – First Appointment

Your initial consultation with me will last about one hour.   During this time I will take notes about your health history, suggest appropriate lab tests for you, and make some recommendations regarding food, rest, movement and lifestyle.

If prior to the appointment I feel that my services are not appropriate for you I reserve discretion to cancel your appointment and refund full payment.

Fee Schedule

Appointment & Monthly Plan fees are as stated on my website’s Work with Me page and are current as at the time of booking.

Payment for individual appointments are due at time of booking and can be made via credit, debit card or PayPal.

Credit card payments are processed through Stripe.  Stripe is a payment processor certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1.  This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.  Once your Stripe profile is set up I only ever see the last four digits of your card.

Payment for monthly plans are direct debited from the credit or debit card provided for each month in advance.


Initial and individual appointments are in one hour blocks and can be scheduled anytime through my online booking system.

You will receive a booking confirmation via email and an appointment reminder two days before.

Monthly Plans

All follow up appointments are included in my monthly plans, up to two consultations each week.  These are 30 minutes long and you can schedule these yourself through this link (I recommend bookmarking or saving the link for simple future scheduling).

Email queries are unlimited and can be sent through to me at kirsten@kirstenswales.com at any time.   I check emails once daily and endeavour to reply to each within 3 business days.

Lab Tests

Lab results are usually sent through to me 1-2 weeks after the lab has received your samples.   Once received I will evaluate them and then contact you to schedule a session to discuss.

You will only receive your test results during one of these consultations, I can then share them with you via email or in your Google Drive folder after. 

Rescheduling by Me (the Provider)

If I need to reschedule your appointment, I will do my best to provide as much notice as reasonably possible and offer you an alternative appointment time.

Rescheduling by You (the Client)

I understand that sometimes life gets in the way and you may need to re-schedule or even cancel an appointment.

You can do this anytime through the link in your confirmation email up to 24 hours before your appointment time, or send me an email at kirsten@kirstenswales.com.

If I am not provided with at least a full day’s notice my cancellation and refund policy applies.

Cancellations and Refunds

I value my time and appreciate it when others do too.   Last minute cancellations or no shows often mean that time is unused and wasted.

As such my cancellation and refunds policy reflects this as:

If you are unable or unwilling to keep your scheduled appointment you must cancel your appointment at least 24 hours beforehand.  You can do this either through my online booking system (link in your appointment confirmation email) or by sending me an email at kirsten@kirstenswales.com

Individual Appointments:

If you fail to provide at least a full day’s notice you will forfeit your booked appointment as well as any cost already incurred and will not be eligible for a refund.

Monthly Plans:

As above I require 24 hours notice for all re-schedules or cancellations. All consultations are included in your monthly plans you so can rebook yourself in at anytime.  However if you cancel or do not show for your appointment without sufficient notice more than 3 times I reserve the right to cancel the remainder of your plan and you will not be eligible for a refund.

Preparation for appointment

Technology – General

It is your responsibility to:

  • set up technology and ensure all appliances are charged and in working order;
  • set up the applications required on your phone or laptop to complete the consultation
  • ensure you have a reliable and sufficient internet or phone connection or reception
  • ensure any other technology related requirements (hardware or software) are available and in working order prior to the appointment

Failure to follow these instructions may result in forfeiture of your appointment time and fee.

Technology – Skype Appointments (both Australian Domestic and International)

If you select Skype as the method of communication for your appointment(s), it is your responsibility to ensure it is downloaded and tested prior to your appointment(s).   You must ensure your Privacy settings are such that I am able to contact you and send you a contact request.  You can expect a Skype contact request no later than 48 hours prior to the appointment or within 12 hours of your booking, whichever is latest.   It is your responsibility to ensure you accept the Skype contact request.  Failure to follow these instructions may result in forfeiture of your appointment time and fee.

My Skype name is “kirstenswales”.

Technology – FaceTime Appointments

FaceTime is Apple’s free video and audio calling service.   It can be used from any iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac to call anyone else (domestic or international) using one of those devices, it uses Wi-fi or cellular data instead of traditional phone lines.

FaceTime comes pre-installed on the Apple devices mentioned above.  Connection with FaceTime tends to be the sharpest out of all the teleconferencing platforms so if you have it this is my preferred choice.

My FaceTime ID is: kirsten@kirstenswales.com

Intake form

I require my intake form to be provided back to me at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment time.   The link for this form can be found in your appointment confirmation email.

If I have not received the information back we will not be able to proceed with your appointment and will need to reschedule.   If this happens the Rescheduling by You (the Client) and Cancellation and Refunds policies will apply.

Time Zone Differences

All appointments are made and will occur using UTC +8 time zone (Western Australia / Singapore / Indonesia).  If you do not reside in this time zone, it is your responsibility to ensure you select the correct time zone in the booking tool and accurately convert the time change so as to not miss your appointment(s). This is my favourite site for converting time zones:  http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com

Failure to attend your appointment due to an inaccurate time zone conversion will result in forfeiture of your appointment time and fee.

Insurance Requests

You will need to check with your Insurance Provider if you are covered with online Naturopathic consultations.

Each provider has a unique code, so if you are eligible let me know and I will provide you with the appropriate code.

Important Notes

I (Kirsten Swales) am not a medical doctor; I do not service medical emergencies.  If you have a medical emergency, you must contact your primary care physician or dial your country’s emergency number (000 for Australia).

Please contact me via email at kirsten@kirstenswales.com if you have any questions, concerns or require clarification on any of my terms and conditions.